Who We Are

Our History

MACAP is an industrial company, partner of shoe component manufacturers. Our core business is the design and production of all kinds of steel shanks for shoes.

Our factory was founded in October 5th 1985, and since than we have been world leaders in the research and development of specialized design and production of steel shanks for shoes, providing just in time solutions.

Currently, we are also dedicated to the production and trading of a wide range of products which are essential to the production of shoe components (insoles, soles, heels,...).

We are recognized in internal and external market and we work with the best national and international partners, combining innovation and a high quality productive capacity, resulting as the best choice for shoe components solutions.

The Best Partners
Innovation and Productivity
High Quality
Our Strategy

Our business strategy is based on 4 pillars:

  • Being competitive, which gives us a distinct position in the market;
  • Being and collaborating with market leaders;
  • Investing and innovating in technology and know how;
  • Investing and supporting the personal and professional growth of our team.